Rose George Tuli: Rising from the Rubble with Water and Sanitation

In the bustling Mkuza Street, Kibaha district, Coast region, Rose George Tuli, a tenacious 50-year-old entrepreneur, faced a dual challenge – a damaged house and a lack of water access. A fallen tree left part of her home in ruins, and the family struggled to afford maintenance fees and water connection costs simultaneously.

Rose, married to entrepreneur Stewart Martin Ndungumaro, has two children (18 years old, 16 years old). Their household, comprising five people, earns a monthly income of TZS 300,000 (USD 119.28). For years, Rose’s family navigated a challenging existence without a consistent water source. The absence of piped water meant relying on the generosity of neighbors and the costly services of water vendors. Their monthly expenditure of TZS 40,000 (USD 15.90) for approximately 20 liters of water underscored the financial strain caused by the water scarcity.

In November 2023, Rose discovered a lifeline in the form of a six months TZS 500,000 (USD 198.81) Water Supply and Sanitation loan from MMCL Finance Ltd. The repayment is TZS 94,000 (USD 37.38).  Swiftly processing the loan, Rose rebuilt her damaged toilet and connected to DAWASA’s piped water system within ten days.  The contrast before and after the loan is stark – from a life dependent on unreliable water sources and steep expenses to a transformed reality with a reliable water supply. The family now pays a modest monthly water bill of TZS 5,000 (USD 1.99), and Rose can focus on her entrepreneurial ventures without the burden of water scarcity.

In the picture, Rose is captured beside the repaired toilet and water tap after the MMCL loan.