Meet Agripina Kiyogoma, a thirty-six-year-old nurse married to a farmer, residing in Misengeleni village, Mpanda District in the Rukwa region. Agripina, a client of Enokwe Finance Limited, is not just a beneficiary of a solar lighting loan; she is a storyteller illuminating the transformative power of access to clean energy.

“In Misengeleni village, where we are not connected to the main electricity grid, I used a kerosene lamp (Kibatari) for lighting at night. The kerosene lamp was not only expensive to maintain, but the pollution it caused was unbearable. It was stressful; there were times when I couldn’t complete household chores or charge my phone. To make matters worse, my three-year-old toddler despises darkness and would cry incessantly at nights when I couldn’t afford kerosene for lighting,” shared Agripina.

Enokwe Finance Limited at Katavi branch provided Agripina with a solar home system loan, encompassing a television, radio, solar panel, battery, connection wires, and six lights. “My entire family is overjoyed; my children can now do their homework peacefully and on time. We can charge our phones whenever we want, and we enjoy watching TV and listening to the radio. I can do housework without worrying about electricity,” exclaimed Agripina.

Agripina’s experience echoes the stories of countless women worldwide who grapple with energy poverty before accessing solar energy loans from institutions such as Enokwe Microfinance. The absence of reliable electricity at night disrupts daily chores, impedes children’s nighttime studying, and poses health risks due to pollution, with women often bearing the impact of these effects.

The Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI) advocates for its members to develop loan products with social benefits for their clients. Recognizing that the essence of Microfinance is to finance livelihoods, healthcare, housing improvements, small business creation, and other essential needs, TAMFI encourages Microfinance Institutions in Tanzania to finance housing improvements through renewable energy loans for household use.

Enokwe Finance Limited, a proud member of TAMFI, exemplifies this approach with its Renewable Energy Loan product. By providing social loans that come with tangible benefits, Enokwe Finance Limited, through stories like Agripina’s, is making a positive impact in the lives of its clients and contributing to the broader goal of sustainable development.