Teddy Sylvester Paulo: A widow, Empowered by VisionFund Microfinance Bank Tanzania

In the serene Lumoji village, in Magu district, Mwanza region, Teddy Sylvester Paulo, a resilient 41-year-old widow, discovered an opportunity to elevate her family’s living conditions through the support of VisionFund Microfinance Bank Tanzania.

Facing the challenge of inadequate toilets in her community, Teddy, along with her two children (16 years, 14 years), longed for a more dignified solution than the grass-covered structures that offered little privacy, especially during adverse weather conditions. With a modest household income of TZS 400,000 (USD 159.05) per month for her family of five, the dream of a proper toilet seemed financially out of reach.

Upon learning about the Water Supply and Sanitation loans provided by VisionFund Microfinance Bank Tanzania, Teddy saw a chance for transformation. Seeking guidance from a skilled toilet expert, she crafted a detailed Bill of Quantity (BOQ) outlining the requirements for a borehole and toilet construction.

Determined to overcome financial constraints, Teddy and her children took an active role in the process. They collected building materials, including stones, wood, and sand, showcasing resilience by personally digging the sewer hole to reduce construction costs. With a solid plan in place, Teddy applied for a TZS 100,000 (USD 39.79) water supply and sanitation loan from VisionFund Microfinance Bank Tanzania.

The loan approval and disbursement were swift, allowing Teddy to turn her dream into reality within three weeks. Now, Teddy’s family experiences the dignity of a clean and decent toilet, marking a significant improvement in their quality of life. The repayment plan spans twelve months, with manageable monthly installments of TZS 19,000 (USD 7.55), making the loan not just an investment in infrastructure but a sustainable enhancement of their overall well-being.

The before-and-after images vividly showcase the remarkable transformation of Teddy’s toilet, serving as a powerful testament to the positive impact of VisionFund Microfinance Bank Tanzania’s support. Teddy’s journey reflects the empowerment and positive change that can be achieved when financial institutions align their goals with the well-being of their clients.