Transforming Lives: Stella’s Journey to Clean Water and Better Sanitation

In the remote village of Kashai Veta, Sumbawanga region, Stella Alex Andrew, a resilient 37-year-old entrepreneur and widow, faced daily challenges that many take for granted – the absence of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Living with her four children, Stella’s source of income was derived from selling fish at the local market, earning approximately TZS 500,000 (USD 208) per month. The village had not yet been reached by piped water from the Sumbawanga Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (SUWASA), leaving residents like Stella at a disadvantage.

Unable to afford the lump sum required for a borehole and toilet construction, Stella’s family had to rely on seasonal borehole water from neighbors for their domestic needs. The daily struggle began at 4:00 am, as Stella and her children patiently waited until afternoon to secure water. On some unfortunate days, water scarcity led to missed school for the children due to the lack of cleanliness and food.

However, in March 2023, hope dawned for Stella when she discovered Anastella Microfinance’s Water Supply and Sanitation Loans. Realizing the opportunity to transform her family’s living conditions, she promptly contacted a well and toilet artisan who provided a detailed Bill of Quantity (BOQ). Stella applied for a TZS 900,000 (USD 375) loan from Anastella Microfinance, which was efficiently processed, approved, and disbursed.

The timely loan ensured that the borehole and toilet construction were completed within two weeks. With a repayment period of twelve months and affordable monthly installments of TZS 103,125 (USD 43), Stella’s burden was significantly eased.

Now, Stella and her children have access to clean, safe water and improved sanitation facilities. The transformative impact on their lives is evident – no more early morning struggles, missed school days, or incomplete household tasks. Stella’s ability to focus on her income-generating businesses has increased, bringing not only financial stability but also a newfound peace to her household.

Stella’s journey is a testament to the positive change that accessible water and sanitation facilities can bring to the lives of individuals and communities, breaking the cycle of hardship and opening doors to a brighter future.