Celebrating Women’s Achievements in Tanzania’s Financial Sector: Survival Women Group Launch

In a celebration of women’s resilience and entrepreneurship, TAMFI participated in the launch of the Survival Women Group in Bagamoyo, Coastal Region, Tanzania, on March 9th, 2024.

The Survival Women Group specializes in cultivating and processing sea moss products, including gel, juice, soaps, and moisturizer oil. Through their innovative approach, they not only provide valuable products but also contribute to community education on the health benefits associated with sea moss.

Ms. Teddy Mcha, CEO of Amshaamsha Foundation, emphasized the importance of digital marketing in expanding the reach of Survival Women Group’s products. She pledged support in training the group on effective advertising strategies.

Ms. Winnie Terry, CEO of TAMFI, reiterated the association’s commitment to supporting women-led initiatives and offered technical assistance avenues for the Survival Women Group.

The launch event was a testament to the strength and ingenuity of women entrepreneurs, paving the way for greater economic empowerment and community development.