Women Making Headlines by Embracing Climate Change in Their Communities

Elvera Mdee

Manager, SameKaya SACCOS

Elevera is a mother of two children and re- known leader in the Cooperative movement especially in Kilimanjaro region for the running of SameKaya SACCOS since 2003.  She prides in the 8,000 membership that the coop has garnered over those years.  She is passionate in reaching out to the communities in the Kilimanjaro to meet their needs practically.  She is also known for the Ndiva loans (Water and Sanitation) they have provided that have seen that over 5,000 individuals are benefitting from the product.  She has been a passionate contributor to improving lives economically, quality of life and health by also providing renewable energy alternatives through loans.

Gladys Oning’o

Projects Manager of CARITAS Dar es Salaam

Gladys is passionate about working with the community to get them out of abject poverty and enjoy social justice by providing them with transformative knowledge.  She is a Maasai woman who grew up in a traditional Maasai manyatta where women empowerment to financial independence and gender equality has been hindered by traditional cultural beliefs, which marginalised girls and women societal roles such as child nurturing and small-scale subsistence farming with less possibility of a sustainable future.  She works with women to empower and support them to reach their full potential with emphasis on gender equality, financial independence and environmental conservation, hygiene and sanitation and access to clean and safe water.  She also builds their capacity by enhancing their skills to improve their social and economic futures hence, alleviating them from the vicious cycle of poverty that leaves many women in vulnerable, undervalued and underheard states.

Margaret N. Msengi

Relationship Manager, Maendeleo Bank PLC

Ms. Msengi is well-seasoned bringing expertise from various sectors including banking, software development, and microfinance.  Her career journey can be traced from Azania Bank, extending to Uchumi Commercial Bank, Craft Silicone, Tanzania Women’s Bank and currently Maendeleo Bank.  She is committed to addressing pressing issues such as climate change as is evidenced by the initiatives she has spearheaded.  These include providing credit facilities for water and sanitation through micro-housing loans and mortgage loans.  She actively promotes renewable energy solutions too.  Both these are done through products offered to households, schools and hospitals.  The implementation of solar-powered lighting systems and clean cooking solutions are a priority in her service.  Margaret’s multifaceted journey in her career reflects her passion for leveraging banking services to drive positive change and sustainable development within communities.

Johari Mgombawanu

Credit Manager, Miliki Makazi Finance Ltd

Johari has 19 years of work experience expertise in microfinance operations, research, social welfare, and training particularly on income- generating activities for women groups (IGA- Groups).

She is currently supervising over the institution’s operations, primarily focusing on credit and real estate operations. Her journey in microfinance commenced when she joined Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) and later transitioned to Fanikiwa Microfinance Company Limited. Her participation in the capacity building programs conducted by TAMFI through the Water.org program resulted in the establishment and supervision of a Water and Sanitation product. This product has positively impacted low- and middle-income communities.  To date MMCL-FL has provided numerous financial services to clients, facilitating access to water and sanitation services for over 500 individuals and playing an important role in climate change.