“The Power of Networking Unveiled: Insights from New Faces New Voices (NFNV) and Tanzania Women CEO Roundtable (TWCR) Events”

Connecting Minds, Empowering Futures

In the dynamic realm of finance and leadership, the significance of networking cannot be overstated. September and October 2023 saw the Secretariat actively participating in two pivotal events, shedding light on the transformative power of networks.

NFNV Event Highlights:

15th September 2023, Bank of Tanzania – Meru Hall, Dar es Salaam

The stage was set at the Bank of Tanzania as Emma Kawawa, Director, NFNV,  initiated the proceedings. The spotlight turned to the esteemed GRACA MACHEL NETWORKS, originating in Nairobi in 2010. With footprints in 20 countries, the network aimed at amplifying voices and faces in finance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial literacy and elevating women in decision-making positions were pivotal goals.
  • Networks in Business, Agriculture, and Media were formed to address diverse challenges.
  • Emphasis on inclusive finance for economic recovery of women MSMEs, delving into concepts, country context, and critical constraints.
  • Post-COVID recovery measures were discussed, focusing on developing inclusive frameworks, appropriate financial products, and human capital interventions.
  • The future vision encompassed gender equality, climate change, sustainable financing, and collaborative partnerships.
  • Introduction to the WLFI Project and NFNV structure.
  • The project’s impact on five SDGs and its implementation model.
  • Penelist discussions featuring influential women from various sectors.

TWCR MasterClass:

24th November 2023, Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Dar es Salaam

A MasterClass for Women of Excellence

The TWCR event, themed “MasterClass for Women of Excellence,” celebrated the essence of self-driven and purposeful women. Distinguished women CEOs and insightful presenters graced the occasion.

MasterClass Highlights:

  • Topics explored included Personal Branding, Team Building, and The W’s of life.
  • Participants engaged in SWOT analysis, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s individual strengths in effective team collaboration.
  • Silo thinking was discussed, uncovering its causes and cures to foster better teamwork.
  • A deep dive into discussing a life centered around the woman, encompassing areas like Finances, Health, Family, Spirituality, Education, Leisure, Career/Family, and Personal Development. 

The second day featured a compelling panel discussion, followed by the Annual General Meeting and a closing Cocktail.

The Takeaway:

The common thread weaving through both events was the undeniable power of networking. From amplifying voices in finance to celebrating women of excellence, these events underscored the transformative impact of collaboration, shared insights, and the strength derived from interconnected networks.

In the spirit of these events, let us embrace the power of networking, recognizing that our collective strength propels us toward greater heights. As we connect, empower, and learn from one another, we pave the way for a future where excellence knows no bounds.