Judith Bernado Sokoni’s Triumph Over Water Scarcity: A Tale of Transformation

We are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Judith Bernado Sokoni, a 43-year-old farmer residing in Lyowa village, Kalambo District, Rukwa region, Tanzania. As the head of a twelve-member household, together with her husband, Ernest K. Chikopela, they have ten children, Judith has faced the challenges of water scarcity in her community with resilience and determination.

Living in an area where there is no piped water system, Judith’s family encountered numerous difficulties in accessing clean water. The only available water source was a river located three kilometers away from their home. This posed a considerable challenge, as the collected river water was primarily used for domestic purposes, despite its lack of cleanliness, leading to frequent stomach diseases among family members. 

In September, Judith, a valued client of Rukwa Farmers, took a proactive step to improve her family’s water situation. She reached out to her loan officer to inquire about Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) Loans and the application process offered by Rukwa Farmers Coop. Following discussions with a borehole expert, Judith obtained a comprehensive Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for borehole construction and subsequently applied for a TZS 450,000 (USD 179.21) water supply and sanitation loan from Rukwa Farmers.

The swift processing, approval, and disbursement of the loan in October allowed Judith to initiate borehole construction immediately. Within a mere fourteen days, the project was completed, providing Judith’s household with a reliable and clean water source. Judith now repays the loan through monthly installments of TZS 82,500 (USD 32.85) over a period of six months.

The impact of this intervention on Judith’s family has been nothing short of transformative. With a consistent and clean water supply, the prevalence of stomach diseases has significantly reduced, bringing joy and relief to Judith, her husband, and their ten children. The newfound convenience and health benefits underscore the importance of accessible Water Supply and Sanitation Loans in improving the quality of life for families in water-scarce regions.

Judith’s story is a testament to the positive impact that financial institutions like Rukwa Farmers Coop can have on individuals and communities. By offering support through WSS loans, these institutions empower families to overcome water-related challenges and create lasting positive change.