Sustainable goal number six (SDG 6): “Clean Water and Sanitation to all”

With an expectation of the WaterCredit Adoption Program to scale-up,   TAMFI is supporting Financial Institutions on demand awareness raising activities which are conducted in partnership with the financial institution within the program. In line with this, SameKaya SACCOS and TAMFI  conducted a number of demand awareness raising activities in Same and Korogwe communities. SameKaya SACCOS is one of TAMFI’s member institutions that provides Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) loans around Same district and some parts of Korogwe district.

The “NDIVA” loans (which means water pond in Pare language) promoted by SameKaya and TAMFI teams, offers a variety of opportunities that include: Water quality through water purification and treatment; access to water through well drilling; household water connection from the regional water authority; water lines; water pumps installation, water storage; and affordable. quality and clean toilets.

The demand awareness was spread over three days with purposeful community outreach to create community awareness on the importance of clean and safe water for drinking, clean toilets and how Same communities can access water supply and sanitation (WSS) products through loans. A technical expertise team from Davis & Shirtliff Tanzania was a crucial part of the demand awareness raising team because it added credibility and quality to the products that were presented.  Davis & Shirtliff concentrated on  water treatment,  purification and water pumps.  

The community outreach at SameKaya proved the importance of a financial institution to be close to the community and continuously give education  about their products because many people do not have enough information about the services and loan products a Financial Institution offers. We celebrate SameKaya SACCOS for the enormous effort they invest in the increase of new clients recruitement and an increase in not only its WSS portfolio but also in other loan products as well.