Bertha Theonest’s Inspiring Journey: From Water Scarcity to Entrepreneurial Success

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We are delighted to share with you the inspiring story of Bertha Theonest, a 37-year-old nurse and entrepreneur residing in Momoka village, Kalasha ward, Sumbawaga District, Rukwa region, Tanzania. Bertha, a dedicated single parent of three children, not only manages her own pharmacy but has also overcome significant challenges related to water scarcity in her community.

Momoka village faces the absence of piped water from the Sumbawanga Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (SUWASA). The primary source of water is boreholes, which, unfortunately, Bertha found financially challenging to access. This led to her family relying on water from neighboring borewells, adding a daily struggle to their lives.

In August 2023, Bertha’s life took a positive turn when she discovered the Water Supply and Sanitation Loans offered by Rukwa Farmers Coop. Thanks to the guidance of Rukwa Farmer’s loan officer, Bertha seized the opportunity to improve her family’s water situation. She decided to construct a borehole with the support of a TZS 300,000 (USD 119.52) Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) loan from Rukwa Farmers.

Bertha swiftly processed her loan application, and with efficient approval and disbursement, she commenced the borehole construction within three weeks. The repayment period for the loan was six months, with manageable monthly installments of TZS 60,000 (USD 23.90).

The impact of this intervention was transformative for Bertha and her children. They now enjoy continuous access to clean and safe water, eliminating the need for early morning water retrieval from neighbors. Bertha’s joy is palpable as she expresses gratitude for the positive change this initiative has brought to her family’s life.

Bertha’s story highlights the crucial role played by financial institutions like Rukwa Farmers Coop in addressing community needs. By providing accessible and affordable WSS loans, these institutions empower individuals like Bertha to overcome challenges, improve their quality of life, and contribute positively to their communities.

We celebrate Bertha’s resilience, determination, and the support of Rukwa Farmers Coop, showcasing how collaborative efforts can create lasting change. Stay tuned for more stories of empowerment and progress from our community.

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WSS Team

Ms. Bertha Theonest