Our Objectives

Our Objectives

(i) To enhance, strengthen, to act as a forum in addressing mutual interests and develop microfinance institutions in Tanzania

(ii) To provide coordination and linkage service of microfinance players in Tanzania - play a role of being a Network of Microfinance Institutions.

(iii) To initiate undertake and promote strategies or activities which enhance growth of microfinance sector as a means to contribute towards poverty eradication strategy.

(iv) To initiate carry out and promote research in matters related to microfinance service with the aim of enabling the microfinance institutions to become more effective and productive in economic and social development activities

(v) To promote acts and practices that encourage responsible microfinance services i.e. having in place code of conduct.

(vi) To undertake and promote microfinance activities which support the development of microfinance industry in the country

(vii) To undertake and promote networking, advocacy and lobbying with the aim of promoting and capacity building of microfinance institutions initiatives.