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Victoria Pilly Kavula: “I get customers through referrals and sponsorships of beauty pageants”

Victoria Pilly is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Business: Decoration and flowers

Financier: Caritas Dares Salaam

Location: Mlimani City, Mwenge

Victoria Pilly Kavula

The business has two branches in Namanga and Mwenge. The company known as vicky_trends is active on social media. She gets customers from social media, referrals and sponsorships of beauty pageants. 

Pilly’s main customer base is the young generation. She provides services to weddings, burial and corporate events. The key to success, she says it’s hard work, discipline and team-building skills. 

Why business? From a very young age, she was always intrigued by entrepreneurship. After completing form four, she ventured into small businesses. Initially, she was selling clothes and also did makeup artist jigs.

 She saw an opportunity in the flower and decoration industry and invested in it. Caritas gave her first loan of Tsh 1,500.000. Currently, she has a loan of Tsh 9 million, which enabled her to open and operate a shop at the upmarket Mlimani City mall. She hopes that investors see the opportunity in the flower market.

Victoria Pilly Kavula: “I get customers through referrals and sponsorships of beauty pageants.”

Vision: Put up a building to set up a shop, Open two more business branches, start flower farming, open a training centre for youth about paper flower making and general decorations.

Challenge: Expensive and unique packaging, high rent and high taxes. High transport costs of flowers.

Impact: Offer employment, support her family.

Opinion: Victoria is a hardworking lady who sees opportunities where others don’t. When she noticed her friends and family appreciating the gifts she gave them, she saw that as an opportunity to venture into a market that is not very explored.

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