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TAMFI hosts Frankfurt School of Finance and Management LinkEd e-learning Exams

By Eliza Lisa:

TAMFI offices on September 8  2016 hosted excited candidates sitting for their final exams for micro-finance courses.

“We had the final exam for Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for LinkEd e-learning courses. Our office hall is used as an Exam Office,” noted TAMFI CEO Winnie Terry.

She said development of knowledge and skills in the microfinance sector was vital for advancement.  “We need more skilled workers in the microfinance. We have many workers in the sector who don’t have any academic training about microfinance.   They should take advantage of the training offered  Frankfurt School and other institutions,” she said.

According to the Frankfurt School, five different exams took place in September:

  • Certified Expert in Microfinance (in English: CEMF and in French: CEMF-FR)
  • Certified Expert in SME Finance (CESF)
  • Certified Expert in Risk Management (In English CERM-FR and in French: CERM-FR)
  • Certified Expert in Microinsurance (CEMI)
  • Certified Expert in Climate & Renewable Energy Finance


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