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Suma Edward Mwanjabiki: Making water vending a serious business

Suma Edward Mwanjabiki:  Quest for quality milk made her enter dairy products processing.

Suma Edward Mwanjabiki is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania

Business: Water Vending through Machine

Financier: Yetu Microfinance

Location: Mbagala Charambe, Dar es Salaam

Water is life. We all know, but mostly remember when there is a shortage of precious liquid. Most residents around Suma’s hamlet in Mbagala Charambe were suffering. Getting clean water for home consumption was a difficult task. She solved the problem by digging a well. He pumps the water to the residence through pipes powered by electricity. She owns a water vending machine (ATM ) that uses coins to provide water from her residence and supplies it to individual houses. Yetu Microfinance has helped her buy the water ATM Machine. The need for her business came about as water was scarce. Her success is due to being innovative and allowing some of her consumers to supply the water at the same price. She gets her consumers through word of mouth. Since the service is outside her house and it’s self-service it is quite convenient.

Vision: To have a shop selling water supply equipments. Buying a water filter machine.

Challenge: Damage of pipe and water ATM due to people inserting other things than coins. During the rainy season, the profit is low. Loss or Surge of electricity, the loss is solved by having a generator.

Impact: Help her family, availing affordable water to the community. Giving discounts to those who cannot afford it.

Opinion: Due to the scarcity of water, she was determined to solve that problem for her family. She first dug a well near her homestead but found it salty. She then dug in another location where the water was better. She works smarter rather than harder by providing self-service water buying through  a water ATM.

Suma Edward Mwanjabiki:  Quest for quality milk made her enter dairy products processing.

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