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Salum Ali Salum: Teamwork, hard work and extreme customer care

Salum Ali Salumis among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania

Business: Mill Industry

Financier: ZEEF

Location: Chimbuwi Karakana, Zanzibar


What can four women and one man do?  “They can run a business very well, which enables them to lead a quality life,” Salum notes. He is the man talking about himself and the ladies they work together with.

“Our mill business..  is  a team of 5:- four ladies and myself,” he says. Before starting, they did a lot of groundwork to get the best location.  The venture has been profitable and to scale up, they applied for a Tshs 5 million loan.   ZEEF provided the loan, and it was instrumental in purchasing 3 milling machines and construction of part of the building housing the business.

The key to success? Salum says teamwork,  hard work and extreme customer care for the  customer satisfaction are vital ingredients.

Challenge: Customers sometimes put dirty things that damage the mills. Customers do not understand how the measuring system works. The business requires capital investment from time to time. Customer care involves a significant length of time to make them know how to prepare their products before bringing them for milling.   

Vision: Import more quality machines and have a digital measuring machine for more customer satisfaction.

Impact: Able to cater for their families and provide closer and faster milling services to the community, plus offering employment.

Opinion: Salum and the team take calculated risks in their endeavours. The research on services needed and locating the solution was vital in enabling the business to stand the test of time. 

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