German Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC)

In August 2012, TAMFI has entered into a cooperation agreement with the German Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) to improve the capacity of financial institutions’ staff through basic vocational education. The overall target is to improve access to adequate financial services for households and micro and small enterprises throughout Tanzania. This will lead to increased economic activities, and eventually contribute to income generation and poverty reduction.


Citibank Foundation

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Citi works tirelessly to provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial services and products. We strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial ingenuity that leads to solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.



Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT)

TAMFI has received a grant from FSDT which is aimed towards
(i) strengthening the capacity of TAMFI to deliver quality services to its members and
(ii) to increase member base and acquire national legitimacy.
The overall aim of the FSDT is to provide greater access for more people to engage with the financial system throughout Tanzania.



BEST-AC provided a grant to TAMFI on advocacy issues.
Project identified in this area is on Conducive legal and regulatory environment for MFIs in Tanzania.
The project will support advocacy activities on improvement of microfinance business environment.
The project is ongoing and anticipated in achieving the end intended goal, that is,
to create the necessary condition for friendly Microfinance and SACCOS Acts.


Microfinance Transparency

TAMFI works in partnership with Microfinance Transparency and eleven
(11) member institutions have collaborated with the Microfinance Transparency initiatives in providing pricing data. The data will be published on MFT’s website. TAMFI’s code of conduct wants to see that members of TAMFI are taking a lead role in delivering high quality and responsible services. This includes transparency through dissemination of true cost information to the market. Institutions which have pricing data online are: F&K Finance, Better life for Tanzania Trust Fund (BELITA), Fanikiwa Microfinance Co. Ltd,  FINCA Tanzania, K-Finance Ltd, Mbinga Community Bank, Mwanga Community Bank, Opportunity Tanzania Ltd, Tujijenge Tanzania Ltd, Victoria Finance Ltd and Youth Self Employment Foundation ( YOSEFO).


Microfinance Centre

Social Performance project is called
Capacity Building of Social Performance Practices, and it involves training of TAMFI members on social performance monitoring and reporting. The initial stage of the project is being funded by Microfinance Centre of Warsaw, Poland and seeks to introduce Social Performance Practices among Microfinance Institutions in Tanzania. The Microfinance Centre supports development of sustainable and socially oriented microfinance sector by awarding grants to networks.


Stromme East Africa

Stromme Microfinance East Africa Ltd (SMF EA Ltd)
is a Microfinance wholesale lending institution with operations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.
SMF collaborates with TAMFI in areas of capacity building and institutional capacity.


Seep Network

TAMFI is an active member of SEEP Network which is a non-profit network of over
130 international organizations that believe in the power of enterprise to reduce global poverty.  SEEP diverse global membership includes international development nonprofits, national and regional microfinance associations, and for-profit institutions. SEEP members in 170 countries that are implementing microfinance and enterprise development programs, represent a major force for financial inclusion and poverty reduction around the world.


East Africa Microfinance Network

TAMFI is working in collaboration with the rest of East Africa Microfinance Networks; Burundi (RIM) , Kenya ( AMFI), Rwanda (AMIR) and Uganda (AMFIU) with an objective of fostering microfinance industry integration of the five East Africa country networks. This includes establishing a basis for technical cooperation on specific programs and projects. The Network will also promote mutual assistance including sharing of pertinent information, learning and capacity enhancements for member institutions.

African Microfinance Network (AFMIN)

The African Microfinance Network (AFMIN)
is an association of microfinance networks in Africa resulting from an initiative led by African microfinance practitioners to create and/or strengthen country-level microfinance networks for the purpose of establishing shared performance standards, institutional capacity and policy change. AFMIN was formally launched in November 2000 and has established its Secretariat in Abidjan (Republic of Côte d’Ivoire). TAMFI is a member of AFMIN.