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Naomi Bunini Manyilizu: Quality service and good relations with the community vital for business success

Naomi Bunini Manyilizu is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Business: Nursery and Primary school

Financier: Yetu Microfinance 

Location: Uwanja wa Ndege Ifakara, Morogoro

Naomi founded KingCollins 11 years ago. The school recently celebrated its 8th class 7 graduation. They currently have 450 students and offer transport and boarding facilities. The success of the business is due to quality service and good relations with the community. The school was started from the owner’s passion for teaching. The school reaches their target through social media, word of mouth and satisfactory performance within the region. The school took the first loan from NMB, which enabled them to start building classes 5 to 7. The loan from Yetu Microfinance helped the school to finish the construction of the classes and the dorms. The loans have also enabled them to scale from Primary school to Secondary school, which has celebrated their third form four graduation. KingCollin school distinguishes itself from the rest by having morals in Christianity. It also has extracurricular activities such as music, offering boarding services, and strictly an English Medium school.

Vision: Recruiting more students and building form five and six classes plus offering boarding services to the secondary school students.

Challenge: Late school fee payment, competition from the public schools, which is solved by offering quality education.

Impact: A source of livelihood to its 50 employees, the school has influenced infrastructures  development such as water, electricity and roads.

Opinion: The school’s growth is attributed to the owner’s love of teaching  since  they decided to start a school with less than five students. The owners began the school against all odds and now run a successful academy.

Naomi founded KingCollins 11 years ago

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