Benefits of Becoming a Member:


By becoming a member of TAMFI, member institutions are expected to gain the following benefits:


(i) To get an opportunity to collaborate and network with various local and international microfinance players.
(ii) To get an opportunity to advertise through TAMFI website, newsletters, forums and through TAMFI international partners such as SEEP Network, AFRACA etc.
(iii) To get an opportunity to receive capacity building skills trainings organized by TAMFI or TAMFI partners at a subsidized cost.
(iv) To get an opportunity to receive both local and international technical support from TAMFI technical partners at a subsidized cost.
(v) To get an opportunity to participate in local and international events through TAMFI support.
(vi) To get an opportunity of being assisted to raise resources through TAMFI channels.

Rights of Members:
The members of the company provided that continues to abide to the set terms and conditions of membership shall enjoy the following rights:

(i) To take part and participate in all activities of the company
(ii) To receive the information initiated at the instances of the association and disseminated to its members
(iii) To attend at all meetings, conferences, workshops, forums, regional and national summits or other functions organized and sponsored by the association.

Duties and Responsibility of Members:
The members of the Association shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(i) To uphold the organization’s constitution, regulations, rules and other lawfully issued guidelines
(ii) To pay fees and subscription when due so as to enable the association implements the planned activities as per approved fee structure by the members annual general meeting.
(iii) To participate in the TAMFI activities
(iv) To abide to the governing laws, regulations and other guidelines of the country

Membership Categories:

A: General Members
(i) Commercial Banks practicing offering microfinance services
(ii) Regional Banks offering microfinance services
(iii) Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in the provision of Microfinance services as core activity
(iv) Companies offering microfinance services
(v) Financial Cooperatives
(vi) Apex bodies representing informal financial service providers like VICOBA, COCOBA, and VSLAs
(vii) Community Based Organizations offering microfinance services as core activity
(viii) Whole Sale Microfinance organizations
(ix) Business Development Service Providers offering direct services to Microfinance Institutions as major clients.
(x) Micro insurance providers , Brokers and agents

B: Associate Members
(i) Professional Networks or Associations which have interest in microfinance activities
(ii) Auditors, Accountants and consultants firms engaged in microfinance services;
(iii) Information Communication and Technology providers;
(iv) Other local and international Institutions or programs engaged in support of the microfinance industry

C: Honoraria Membership
Honoraria membership shall only apply for the purpose of honouring individuals who have exemplary contributed in the development and growth of the microfinance industry in the country. Only the Governing body (Board) shall execute such decisions.