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Joyce Robert Kalamage: Loving, dedicated and humble customer care

Joyce Robert Kalamage is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Business: Pharmacy, dispensary and mini supermarket

Financier: Makazi Bora Finance

Location: Mbande Chamazi, Dares Salaam

Joyce attributes her business success to her daring spirit and offering loving, dedicated and humble customer care.   

She got a loan which made it possible to build a  dispensary and stock her pharmacy. Initially, Makazi Bora loaned her Tshs 300,000, but later on, she was able to borrow  up to Tshs8 million. She started the pharmacy due to a lack of medical services in her area at that time. Her many patients are from referrals due to offering quality services, including discounts and credit.

Vision: Engaging in all hospital activities such as operations, expanding to other locations, and engaging in more farming activities.

Challenge: Poor economic stability of the patients resulting in partial payment of the service. Increased prices of medicine. Insurance takes a long time from paying out, yet they have a small payout.

Impact. Offer medical home service; every Friday, they offer free prenatal care in different streets; the business sustains her family and offers employment.

Opinion: She noticed a need to develop her community by offering accessible health services. When she first moved to Mbande, it was still underdeveloped and lacked health facilities. By solving a humanitarian need, she later achieved economic success.

Joyce Robert Kalamage: Loving, dedicated and humble customer care.
Joyce Robert Kalamage: Loving, dedicated and humble customer care.

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