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Here are 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania

About 24 candidates out of 350 participants have been shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) final round. In the final round of the competition, about 11 entrepreneurs who started very small, a loan officer and a most innovative microfinance institution will collectively take home Tsh 85 million awards.

The Citi Foundation in partnership with the Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI), is running the competition for the 4th time.

Names for shortlisted candidates in no particular order. 

1- Name: Agatha Lucas Mollel 

Business: Diary and Piggery

Financier: Fanikiwa Microfinance Co. Ltd

Location: Sokoni One Madukani, Arusha

2-Name: Aristides Mutungi Kenizio 

Business: Poultry Farm and PrePrimary School

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Miyuji Proper, Dodoma

3-Name: Daniel Mpanduzi (The Voice Secondary School) 

Business: Secondary School

Financier: Fanikiwa Microfinance Co. Ltd

Location: Leganga Usa River, Arusha

4-Name: David Nasongelya Mugitu 

Business: Poultry Farm

Financier: Victoria Finance

Location: Mapinga Bagamoyo, Coast Region

5- Name: Frida Francice Mlawa

Business: Pottery

Financier: Yetu Microfinance Bank

Location: Mji Mpya, Zanzibar

6 Name: Salum Ali Salum 

Business: Mill Industry

Financier: ZEEF

Location: Chimbuwi Karakana, Zanzibar

7- Name: Peter Mushi

Business: Mini Supermarket

Financier: HP Microfinance

Location: Chamanzi, Dar es salaam

8-Name: Masatu Msito George 


Financier: Tujijenge Tanzania

Location: Bugarika Bugando, Mwanza (Miembe Mitatu)

9 Name:Jonathan Pwacha Mubanga

Business: Agricultural Inputs

Financier: Tanarela Kigoma 

Location: Mwanga Sokoni

10 -Name: Zainabu John MUTAHIWA 

Business: Food Nutrition and Food Supply

Financier: Sido- Mwanza

Location: Sido Mwanza

11- Name: Tabitha Amos Gityamwi 

Business: Dairy Processing

Financier: Sido Shinyanga

Location: Shinyanga

12- Name: Suma Edward Mwanjabiki

Business: Water Vending through Machine

Financier: Yetu Microfinance

Location: Mbagala Charambe Dar es Salaam

13- Name: Richard Paulo Kashinje 

Business: Leather Shoe making

Financier:Sido Mwanza

Location: Kishiri A, Mwanza

14 Name: Naomi Bunini Manyilizu

Business: Nursery and Primary school

Financier: Yetu Microfinance 

Location: Uwanja wa Ndege Ifakara, Morogoro

15 Name: Joyce Robert Kalamage

Business: Pharmacy, dispensary and mini supermarket

Financier: Makazi Bora Finance

Location: Mbande Chamazi, Dares Salaam

16- Name: Hamisa Salum Ubuguyu

Business: Water Supply 

Financier: Makazi Bora Finance

Location: Mwandege Vikundu, Pwani

17- Name: Elipokea S Kaaya

Business: Animal feed

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Mianzini Arusha

18 -Name: Hellen K Shukrani

Business: Contractor and selling  children clothes 

Financier: Caritas Dar es Salaam

Location: Tarime

19- Name: Fidelis Frank

Business: Agrovet

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Oyster Bay Babati

20- Name: Joyce Michael Ntunzwe 

Business: Flour, honey and wine Production

Financier: Sido Sumbawanga

Location: Big Market, Rukwa

21- Name: Victoria Kavula

Business: Decoration and flowers

Financier: Caritas Dares Salaam

Location: Mlimani City, Mwenge

22- Name: David Marko Simfukwe

Business: Manufacturing

Organisation: Victoria Finance

Location: Mwenge Dar Es Salaam


Business:       MILK PROCESSING

Organisation: SIDO MWANZA

Location:       MAHINA KATI,  MWANZA




Location:         MWANAGATI KITUNDA,  Dar Es Salaam

 The award categories and prize amounts for the 14 winners are as follows:

1) Overall Micro entrepreneur of the year award – $ 7,500

(2) Second Winner – $ 6,000

(3) Third Winner – $ 4,000

(4) Two Youth Micro entrepreneurs linked to UNSDG Goal No 8 – $ 4,000.

(5) Two Women Micro entrepreneurs linked to SDG Goal No.5 – $ 4,000

(6) Two Disabled Micro entrepreneurs linked to SDG Goal No 10- $ 4,000.

(7) Two Social Micro entrepreneurs linked to UNSDG Goal No 13 – $ 4,000

(8) Most innovative MFI linked to UNSDG Goal No 9 – $ 2,500

(9) Loan Officer of overall micro-entrepreneur of the year – $ 1,500.

TOTAL 37,500

The judging process will be finalized in June 2021, and winners will be announced via a virtual award ceremony to be held in July 2021. 

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