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Fidelis Frank: Selling agricultural inputs at affordable prices.

Fidelis Frank is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Business: Agrovet

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Oyster Bay Babati

Fidelis deals with supplies of agricultural inputs at affordable prices. The business educates people about modern farming. He also demonstrates best practices in the growing of seeds at his farm. Agrovet is a family business, thus his love and knowledge of it. His first loan was 3 million, and now he can be loaned up to 10 million. He chose Brac because they offer low interest rates on loans.

Vision: Having his godown produce chicken feed.

Challenge: Expensive inputs from suppliers and stiff competition.

Impact:Source of livelihood and employment.

Opinion: Fidelis’ business had its roots as it was already a family business. He managed to improve on it, which consequently led to more revenue.

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