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Elipokea S Kaaya: For the love of animals, I make animal feeds.

Elipokea S Kaaya is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Elipokea S Kaaya: For the love of animals, I make animal feeds.

Business: Animal feed

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Mianzini Arusha

Elipokea’s company deals with the production of all types of animal feeds. The success comes from his love of animals, and he went to study about it. He is also hardworking. He likes to advertise the company to get customers. He became an entrepreneur due to the need to be independent and provide a quality life for his family. The scalability of his company is due to loans from different institutions. Brac loaned him Tshs 15 Million  to buy  machinery needed for  production. The customers are reached and retained by giving out phone numbers and offering delivery services.

Vision; Building a factory and expanding to other regions, Having modern equipment for production.

Challenges: Limited market for his produce, which is solved by advertising  to increase customer base. Fluctuation of input prices and limited availability is also a challenge. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected business because of its effect on the tourism sector. 

Impact: Catering for his family, offering employment, paying government taxes, sponsoring orphans, and donating to the community.

Opinion: Elipokea is goal-oriented as he always knew that he wanted to work with animals in any way. When he got the opportunity to start his own business, he invested in animal feed production.

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