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Early this year, Citi Bank launched Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards Program in Tanzania, conducted by Tanzania Association of MicroFinance Institutions.

The awards program is designed in raising awareness about microfinance among micro entrepreneurs who benefit from it. Hundreds of micro entrepreneurs presented their business projects for examination but only thirty one (31) were shortlisted for the final selection.

Today, 28th Sept 2016, the winners were unveiled in a colorful event at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dar es salaam, hosted by TAMFI. Collectively they bagged home USD 37,500 .  The overall winner was Mama Binagi Zacharia, who won USD 7500.

The event was graced by the presence of Hon  Agustino Olao ,Acting  Deputy commissioner ,Ministry of Finance and Planning who was the guest of honour.

Also present in the event were the Honorable judges who keenly took most their time in the last three months selecting the winners we have today.


“It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the inaugural CITI MICRO ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS in Tanzania, we are honored by your presence at this event, and also it gives us exceedingly great pride to be associated with TAMFI as our partner for this program.” Noted Mr Joseph Carasso the MD of Citi bank during his welcoming speech at the event.

He further said that on the 16th June 2016, CITI bank completed 205 years of existence.”citi was the pioneer of inventing ATMS and credit cards. We have changed a lot, there’s one important thing for a company is to withstand the test of time, the need to adapt and am happy to say that we are now stronger and better shaped than we are 200 years ago. But two things have not changed in this 200 years of Citi bank existence. One; our commitment to prompting financial prosperity, financial development to our clients, to the communities, to the countries that we operate. We operate in more than a 100 countries, in Africa we have more than 15 countries”

This is the first Citi micro entrepreneur award in Tanzania, this year Tanzania joins 28 other countries in 2016 where a ceremony like this will be held. The event aims at putting a spotlight in to the importance of micro entrepreneurship and also to contribute to the formation of a generation of entrepreneurs now and tomorrow.

Micro entrepreneurs face challenges as management systems, information and operating environment, the objective of the event is to recognize the achievements of these people in going and sailing through these challenges.

‘I would like to congratulate all the finalists and all the winners of the 2016 CITI entrepreneurship awards’ CEO CITI BANK, Mr Joseph Carasso


Why MFI’s?

Idea and action put together always brings positive impacts. The small companies of today will be the big companies of tomorrow.

Poverty eradication –through payment of salaries, taxes and creation of an income flow to the families.

the list of the lucky winnerswinners-of-the-citi-micro-entreprenuership-awards-2016

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