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Aristides Mutungi Kenizio: My journey in entrepreneurship started from the lowest ebbs

Aristides Mutungi Kenizio: My journey in entrepreneurship started from the lowest ebbs. 

Aristides Mutungi Kenizio is among the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs shortlisted for the 4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards(CMA) in Tanzania.

Business: Poultry Farm and PrePrimary School

Financier: Brac Tanzania

Location: Miyuji Proper, Dodoma

Aristides’ school has about 1,056 students, which is not a mean feat for someone who started entrepreneurship from the lowest ebbs. 

So far, about 82 students have graduated from class 7 and were admitted to various secondary schools. . Poultry farming (layer chicken) came about from giving students healthy proteins at an affordable cost.  After the students’ eggs are accounted for, the rest are sold. “I owe my success to God, being committed and advertising and hiring qualified workers. Aristides says, 

Usually, the farm packs and sells clean eggs with yellow yolks, which are more marketable. However, he is motivated to improve the business as it leads to improved livelihood, not only for himself but also for the surrounding community.  He has taken loans several times from Brac, which have been instrumental in increasing classes and consolidating his businesses.  

Challenge: One of the significant challenges is the late payment of school fees. Aristides has to remind parents to pay up on time, else many don’t pay as scheduled. In addition, for poultry farming, diseases spread by humans are a huge problem. 

Vision: He plans to expand the school to more locations. For the chicken farm, he wants to have over 1500 layers at any one time.

Impact: The business supports his family, offers employment, and the children of the workers at school study free of charge.  Children from low-income families get an education at discounted cost. At the same time, a cross-section of orphans are offered  free education .

Opinion: Aristides is resourceful. When there was a gap with the school business, he solved it by starting another business;poultry farming. This solved the need for children to feed on eggs while providing another stream of income.

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