Organizational Structure

TAMFI is designed to have in place sound governance structures and systems that allows the association to execute its services successfully. Among the Governance structures and systems in place include:

(i) Having an inclusive board as a governing council reporting to the Annual Members General Meeting
(ii) Having a Secretariat which runs the day to activities of the Association – the secretariat is lead by the CEO.
(iii) Having task oriented committees system to carry out special tasks
(iv) Have in place policies and procedures, strategic plan, operations plans and budgets to guide Association operations and decisions
(v) Have monthly board meetings
(vi) Have system of periodic review and assessment

(i) In each year TAMFI will hold a general meeting as its annual general meeting in addition to any other meetings in that year, and shall specify the meeting as such in the notices calling it; and not more than fifteen months elapse between the date of the annual general meeting of the Company and that of the next. The Annual General Meeting is the highest and most authoritative sitting of the organization.
(ii) All general meetings other than annual general meetings are called extraordinary general meetings.

Regions and Districts Coverage:
TAMFI being a National Network is keen to be active in all and Regions and districts of Tanzania. This will be achieved by a strategy to establish TAMFI representative’s role and leaders for Regions and districts.

The new TAMFI will be nationally active through Regions/District TAMFI Committees. TAMFI Regions/Districts Committees will initially operate their affairs on meeting basis rather than having permanent offices. The Secretary of the District TAMFI will be the CEO of Representative Organization. The district representative organization will be annually nominated by TAMFI member’s annual general meeting (criteria will be established for nominating representative organizations).

Board Structure and Representation:
Subject to any resolution reached by the members during the general meeting or any applicable law or regulations, each of the following member clusters will be entitled to representation in the Board of the Association as follows:-

(i) Banks and Financial Institutions
(ii) Companies offering microfinance services
(iii) Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in microfinance as core activity. This category shall have two seats in the Board
(iv) Financial Cooperatives
(v) Apex bodies representing informal financial service providers like VICOBA, COCOBA, VSLAs
(vi) Zanzibar representation (if not taken care of by other category)
(vii) Business Development and Service Providers

TAMFI Board of Directors:
The Association has high profile, highly respectable and highly experienced and committed Board of Directors drawn from the microfinance industry.