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4th Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards (CMA) in Tanzania: Short profiles of 24 shortlisted entrepreneurs for the final round(in no particular order)

The final winners of the micro-entrepreneurship competition will be announced via a virtual award ceremony slated for early July 2021, notes Ms Winnie Terry, TAMFI CEO. “Out of the 24 shortlisted, a final analysis will net the top winners,” notes Ms Winnie Terry, TAMFI CEO. About 11 entrepreneurs who started very small, a loan officer and a most innovative microfinance institution will collectively take home Tsh 85 million awards.

  1. Agatha Lucas Mollel: To improve the chances of making more money and leading a quality life, I decided to venture into a number of businesses.
  1. Daniel Mpanduzi: He started a secondary school to give a voice to the voiceless.
  1. David Nasongelya Mugitu: For the love of chickens…and a broiler business.
  1. Salum Ali Salum: Teamwork, hard work and extreme customer care
  1. Frida Francice Mlawa: To escape from extreme poverty was what forced Frida to learn pottery.
  1. Peter Mushi: “If you have a job that does not pay your worth, just quit and start your own business”
  1. Jonathan Pwacha Mubanga: “Mine is an agricultural inputs business. I spend a lot of time educating customers how to use them.”
  1. Zainabu John Mutahiwa: Innovation and hard work pays
  1. Tabitha Amos Gityamwi: Quest for quality milk made her enter dairy products processing.
  1. Suma Edward Mwanjabiki: Quest for quality milk made her enter dairy products processing.
  2. Richard Paulo Kashinje: Outstanding maker of leather products despite being physically challenged
  1. Naomi Bunini Manyilizu: Quality service and good relations with the community vital for business success
  1. Joyce Robert Kalamage: Loving, dedicated and humble customer care
  1. Hamisa Salum Ubuguyu: She decided to dig a well after her husband passed away
  1. Elipokea S Kaaya: For the love of animals, I make animal feeds.
  1. Hellen K Shukrani: Woman contractor who also sell children’s clothes
  1. Joyce Michael Ntunzwe: “Branding and packaging make my day”
  1. Fidelis Frank: Selling agricultural inputs at affordable prices.
  1. Victoria Pilly Kavula: “I get customers through referrals and sponsorships of beauty pageants”
  1. David Marko Simfukwe: Manufacturing agro-processing machines is cool
  1. Ruth Gidion Magawa: Entrepreneurship is a way to earn more money and improve livelihood
  1. Hellena Mashaka Silas: Recycling plastics to keep the environment clean and make a livelihood

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