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31 shortlisted for Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards

Early this year, Citi Bank launched Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards Program in Tanzania. The awards program is designed in raising awareness about microfinance among micro entrepreneurs who benefit from it. Hundreds of  micro entrepreneurs presented their business projects for examination but  only thirty one (31) were shortlisted for the final selection.

TAMFI congratulates the shortlisted micro entrepreneurs  (see the list here CITI AWARDS) and wish all them all the best in the final selection. Judges are still working on the selection of the final award winners.

TOTAL$ 37,500According to TAMFI’s executive secretary the  AWARD CATEGORIES AND PRIZE AMOUNTS are as follows
(1) Overall Micro entrepreneur of the year award – $ 7,500
(2) 1st runner-up – $ 6,000
(3) 2nd runner – up – $ 4,000
(4) Loan Officer of overall micro entrepreneur of the year – $ 1,500.
This is to recognize a Loan Officer’s role in provision of financial services to micro-entrepreneurs and support.
(5) Youth Micro entrepreneur – $ 2,000. Intended to motivate more youths to participate in micro enterprises. Special focus to youth is inevitable since they form the biggest number of unemployed workforce in the country.  (18 – 25 years old)
(6) Woman Micro entrepreneur – $ 2,000 Special focus on women is critical because studies have shown that generally, women are poorer than men faced with uneven access to resources. Participation in CMIA will encourage them into competent producers.
(7) Disabled Micro entrepreneur – 2,000. There are a number of challenges faced by disabled micro entrepreneurs including infrastructure and mobility. Including them in the program will boost their engagement in socioeconomic activities.
(8) Other 10 Micro entrepreneurs – $ 10,000. This group will widen the scope of outreach to those micro entrepreneurs who have put efforts to a certain level.
(9) Most innovative MFIs (innovations on products and services, delivery channels, methodology, preferably in the rural) – $ 2,500

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